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please don’t ask me that. i don’t mean to be rude but i have enough things to stress about as it is.




I think it’s sad that being a woman in games and having an opinion carries the risk of being murdered or raped.

Then don’t play games. The less social justice retards in the gaming community the better. Trust me, everyone is against you and doesn’t want to you anywhere near video games if you’re gonna be the new Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn.

This is exactly why feminism is needed in games.  This argument doesn’t seem at all ridiculous?  ”Don’t you dare comment on the doughnuts I like or I’ll find where you live and shoot you in the face!”

That’s not at all extreme.  I happen to like crullers and would just like my local doughnut shop to carry them because I’m spending money on them.  

It’s totally irrelevant to you that women are pointing issues out: Literally the only thing that this will result in is better story telling, better character and a more well rounded experience.  How is that a bad thing?

Also? Here’s a sociological fact from a new study: There are more women playing games than teenage boys.  Women over 18 make up 36% of the market.and overall make up 48% of the market.

LOOK! I even included some links for you to look at!  :D

This angry geek girl isn’t going to shut her mouth.  Women are here to stay in games and we’re not going to stay silent anymore.

This is a necessary discussion.  Gaming culture is disgusting and it needs a change.  This problem isn’t going away and everyone isn’t against women.

Just terrified misogynistic little boys.






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